The lady with slipping lips is finally complete! Phew

This painting has been loitering on my painting table for more than a YEAR now! I put it aside while working on some non-painting projects, and picked it back up last week after committing to a friend that I would finish it. And so, at last, here’s the process and the final product. Knowing, as always, that watercolour paintings look oh so much better in person… Someday I’ll nail getting good digital copies…

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And c’est fini!




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The Fox Needed a Love Interest

So I painted him a bunny lady. And just after starting this painting I watched Zootopia for the first time and congratulated myself for being so on trend. Bah-bam!


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Like a Fox

After a lengthy break to work on some writing projects, I picked up the brush again. Instead of a simple portrait, I got a little silly and added some fox ears.

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A green haired beauty under the brush (Video)

Working a green haired beauty, as modeled by the amazingly talented Youngblood

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Lace, lace and more lace (Video)

I recently invested in a lovely india ink pen to do my lacework with. At first, it felt a bit like a cop-out, but as I’ve used it more and more, I really see how it allows me to do more detailed lace in my work. It’s also a different type of meditative practice than watercolour itself, and that’s been fun.

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Talk: Practicing art as an amateur

Last month I hopped up on the BIL stage to do a talk on the value of practicing art even if you’re an amateur. Over the years, particularly as I started to live-paint and show in galleries, many people would say to me “I used to paint/draw/write/play music… but I stopped”. When I asked why, the conversation nearly always led to their being no real reason to be doing it. Here, I provide a tiny sprinkling of the plethora of reasons everyone who take part in art, whether they’re good or bad, whether they share it or not.

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Info Session and Artist Call Out


Next Thursday, March 26 I’m hosting an information session and artist call out at Hot Art Wet City, here in Vancouver.

The Info Session will be about the local Transportation and Transit Referendum that is taking place. The artist call out is for local artists to submit artistic works (photos, paintings, poems, whatever) relating to the theme of movement (as it relates to transportation). The submissions will be considered by Sad Mag for inclusion in their next issue – which is coincidentally themed Movement!

For more info, see the Facebook event and maybe we’ll see you there!

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Sad Mag Illustration

The lovely and fantastic editors at Sad Mag asked me to do a portrait of one of their interview subjects for their most recent issues.

Sad Mag - Suburbs

Sad Mag - Suburb portrait

GeorgeGorton by Mettlelurgy


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Closer, but hand cramps

A pretty fantastic bout of tendonitis hit me in September, forcing me to take time off from both writing and painting – particularly all the little details. So this beauty has been on hold, but hanging up and reminding me of the work to be done. I’ve been diligently thinking of what can go in her loop of energy, but I don’t have the answer yet.


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Lots of detail in progress

This summer I amped up the lace detail in paintings. I invested in a nice India ink pen to make the work easier, but it still takes ages and ages. The results, however, are satisfactory. IMG_1715

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